Passwords are like women

I don’t know if this was posted by someone else somewhere else before (probably it was), but that’s what I came up with yesterday, while explaining our password policy to one of the (male) colleagues.

Passwords are like women:

  • you should have as many of them as you can
  • you should change them as often as you can
  • you should never share them with another man

Judging by reaction, I got the point across.

5 thoughts on “Passwords are like women”

  1. OMG! This crap is as old as the Universe…

    Men use to pretend but I strongly doubt that they keep up with those policies regarding the women (and maybe the passwords too) – especially the IT people :)

  2. Lana,

    what are you talking about? Most of the men I know are trying to have as many women as they can, change them as often as they can, and try to never share women with anyone else. The fact that some manage not to get any women ever at all, or never go to another women once they meet their first – is a totally other issue. :)

  3. ===never go to another women (men) once they meet their first===

    you know, Lenia, sometimes it applies to the first and favorite password too… but your are absolutely right – it shouldn’t!

  4. In the current age of web services, hard, frequently changed and unique passwords are especially important. If before, the password was kept on the same computer as you are, and it was mostly local people who could abuse it – now it’s much worse than this. Subscribing to each web server you give a password to people you don’t even know. If you use the same password for all your web services (email, blog, etc), then chances are that you’ll lose all of it in one go.

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