Now he gets all romantic

Maxim has been learning recently how to return all that love and tender that he gets from us. Specifically, he is learning how to hug and kiss. And although he is still too clumsy and wet about it, both Olga and I just love the sweetness of these moments.

When he gives a hug, he pushes his body against mine and grabs my neck with both of his hands as hard as he can. If can reach the hair, that’s good too. You might confuse this behaviour with an attack, but it’s not. While doing this he has the biggest and sweetest smile on his face.

Kissing is even more gross. He just started to get the concept. So far he got to the point of mouth touching face. Unfortunately, any action that involves his mouth, also involves it in a wide open state. And considering the fact that his teeth are popping up, he is heavily drooling pretty much any time of the day or night. So the kiss turns into a really wet business. He still has a problem with actually hitting my head with his mouth, so when he succeeds, he laughs out loud like he just won the World Rally Championship.

Anyway, with all the clumsiness, humidity, and pain, these moments are pure happiness. Hopefully, he will practice more often and perfect his procedures. Until that day, we’ll enjoy what we get…

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