Day in brief – 2011-10-28

  • @geeksam Thank you so much for the Think Like a Git. Excellent work! I can't recommend it enough to people around me. :) #
  • It take 3 times for my Chrome to open LiveJournal page. First try – blank page. Second – page title only. Third refresh – full page. Weird. #
  • New note : Think Like (a) Git #
  • For those going to Arch Enemy concert tonight, Pavilion Hall has a website with the map. Next to Metro supermarket. #
  • I'm at Carrefour #
  • I'm at Pavilion (Αβραάμ Αντωνίου, πάροδος Σπύρου Κυπριανού, Λευκωσία) #
  • Really guys, this death meyal thing … you have to hear it live to understand this crap. It's not bad really. #
  • Death metal is like jazz – nobody on knows or cares about anyone else. On stage or in the room. (C) my bro #
  • Disharmony on stage. Sounds like modern Black Sabbath. Cool! #
  • Do familiar, tasty and calling, the smell of ganja. :-) #
  • Arch Enemy is something!!! #

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