Once again on digital postprocessing

Sneaky lookIt’s been some time since I’ve decided to postprocess images. During this time I was shooting only ‘Picture of the day’ series which are mostly one or two few images. Processing them was very fast and easy.

Today I was photographing a major event. When I came back home, I found out that I made a total of 403 pictures. That is in the range of what I usually bring home, so no surprises here. The surprise was in how much time and effort it would take me to postprocess them. It took all of my free time and strength for the day to finish them. I ended up with 122 pictures published, each of which had at least some minor changes.

Lesson #1: either I will drop the whole idea of postprocessing, or it will teach me how to photograph smarter, making less pictures but of better quality and up to the point.

Lesson #2: postprocessing a bunch of pictures on a slow machine is no fun. No fun at all. I will have to upgrade my home workstation if I am to do this often.

Lesson #3: postprocessed images do look way better. I will be coming back to the album more often and I feel more proud than ashamed about today’s results.

Now I need few moments off computer. Bye.

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