Parade at Makarious III avenue

SoldiersToday, as I’ve mentioned before, is a national holiday in Cyprus – “Oxi day” which came from Greece. Limassol was celebrating with a huge parade. Many schools and colleges participated as well as military, police, and other government organizations. The demonstration took place at Makarious III avenue, which is one of the central streets of the city.

The show started at around 11:30. Everything was very well organized, as usual. There were safety zones marked with ropes, and there were lots of guards and policemen who maintained the order. There were plenty of spectators as well. Many of them came with children.

If you missed the event, there will be some television coverage on local news. Additionally, you can see a whole bunch of pictures that I took.

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  1. [2] I set my alarm at 8:30am. When I woke up I went for a drive around the town. I noticed that there were some preparations on Makariou Avenue. I than saw a guard busy doing something. I asked him what time the parade will be and he told me about 11:30. All I had to do was to come back in time. ;)

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