Mark Malkoff : Apple Store Challenge

Here is a funny short video where Mark Malkoff tests how far Apple Store will let you go.

Things that he tried and got away with are:

  • Pizza delivery.
  • Romantic date.
  • Darth Vader iPhone repair.
  • Bring in a pet goat.
That’s pretty cool.  The biggest surprise for me though is not with Apple Store, but with that pizza delivery service.  If it wasn’t the crew, then I am pretty impressed.  I’ve never heard of pizza being delivered to a visitor of a shop.  But then again, I’m sure many services exist in the States that don’t in Cyprus.
P.S.: I wish it was on YouTube.  It would have made so much easier to embed.  I tried the code that is on the site, but it doesn’t work for some reason with my blog.  And I’m too lazy to look into it.

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