Day in brief – 2011-07-26

  • New note : Running Android Apps on Linux – Booting the Emulator Quickly – Matthew Casperson's Blog at the Hubfol… #
  • Shared: Mozilla to develop a stand-alone operating system #
  • @stepanov I know what you mean. That's tough even on parents who are introduced to the feature gradually, with plenty of training. :) #
  • Today's power cut came slightly later and lasted only about one and a half hours. Interesting. #cyprus #limassol #
  • @ektagon much agreed. Power cuts hurt the productivity a great deal. #
  • Shared: 40C and over on the way #
  • @titanas take it easy, man. Or you'll end up on No-Fly list or FBI most wanted. :-) #
  • Funny video : Mark Malkoff's Apple Store Challange – #

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