Mark Malkoff offers New Yorkers a free cab drive. Or does he?

Long-time readers of this blog who are good with names will probably remember Mark Malkoff – a creative New York comedian. I’ve mentioned him once or twice before. And I’m going to do that again. You might like him or you might not, I don’t really care. I like what he does. He creates videos, which are inspirational and kind. He promotes humanity, compassion and optimism, but he does it in a very easy and entertaining way. This time around Mark was giving people free taxi rides. With a twist. Or twists. Some were probably not free, given what people had to do. Some were easy and free, but not as useful as you might think. Why am I telling you all these? I don’t know, I guess I just want you to watch this video.


Mark Malkoff : Apple Store Challenge

Here is a funny short video where Mark Malkoff tests how far Apple Store will let you go.

Things that he tried and got away with are:

  • Pizza delivery.
  • Romantic date.
  • Darth Vader iPhone repair.
  • Bring in a pet goat.
That’s pretty cool.  The biggest surprise for me though is not with Apple Store, but with that pizza delivery service.  If it wasn’t the crew, then I am pretty impressed.  I’ve never heard of pizza being delivered to a visitor of a shop.  But then again, I’m sure many services exist in the States that don’t in Cyprus.
P.S.: I wish it was on YouTube.  It would have made so much easier to embed.  I tried the code that is on the site, but it doesn’t work for some reason with my blog.  And I’m too lazy to look into it.

Mark Malkoff Gets Carried in New York City

I’ve posted here about Free Hugs campaign some time ago.  Today I came across an experiment with a smaller goal, but of the same sociality (if there is even such a word).  Mark Malkoff gets a free ride across Manhattan island on the backs of total strangers, proving once again that this world is full of good, fun, strong and crazy people.