World largest statue planned for Cyprus

Cyprus Mail reports:

WHAT MIGHT be the world’s tallest statue is being planned at a Russian backed development off the coast of Limassol.The 135 metre statue of an angel named The Kind Angel of the World is being planned at Monagrouli, about 20km from Limassol.The development is being planned by a Russian foundation, the International Club philanthropists and Patrons of Europe and will include a conference centre for 1,300 delegates, a ‘presidential’ convention centre for 300 delegates, a theatre and banqueting hall. It will also include a number of cafés and restaurants.

Just to put this thing into perspective:

The statue itself will rise 135 meters from the ground, and visitors will be taken up via lifts. Inside, or atop, the head of the Kind Angel a restaurant/café will offer spectacular views.Currently the world’s tallest statue is the Spring Temple Buddha in China, which is 128m high. New York’s Statue of Liberty is 93m high.

This sounds like an ambitious project which, when completed, will provided a much needed boost to Cyprus tourism.


5 thoughts on “World largest statue planned for Cyprus”

    1. why wouldn’t it have to do with christianity and a string orthodox faith? why is your answer tainted with this cynicism?

      1. solon, there are a number of reasons. Just a bit of food for thought:

        1. Much much much less bribes to give out (if any).
        2. Having a business is better and safer in the EU. Plus the business directors would be able to get residency for them and their families in Cyprus.
        3. Nobody will raid your business and make you sign papers to hand it over to 3rd party. This is highly practiced in Russia and almost every medium sized business has experienced raiders. Some fought them off, many others couldn’t.
        4. Money laundering and tax evasion
        5. etc

        There is no cynicism here, just the realities of running a business in Russia.

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