Car service

Since I don’t have anything else to blog about, I’ll post about my car service. Every 10,000 kilometers or so I service the car. Air filter, oil filter, sparks are all getting changed. There is also a routine check up of the engine and other internals on the computer. Sometimes they would take it for a test drive to see if everything sounds nice. Not so often they would change brakes (every 20,000 kilometers or so I guess), timing belt (every 100,000 kilometers) and other parts.

The E.F.I. Technics garage that I am using is not one of the cheapes places on the planet, but they really know their stuff. Or at least they seem to know, as far as I can judge. I paid 125 CYP for today’s service. The biggest numbers on the list were for computer test of the engine – 30 CYP and sparks (12 CYP a piece times 4 equals 48 CYP). Every time they change the sparks, they remind me that sparks for this car are way too expensive. Heh, I tend to agree.

Anyway, the car is shining clean and feels brand new now. It behaves nicely, drives smoothly and gives me confidence.

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