beGucho released

I’ve been promising to show you something for my lack of blogging. And I kept promising this for some time now. Well… Finally, there is at least something. One of the projects that I’ve been working on (together with some other people) is beGucho.

beGucho is a fun website which is for sharing your current mood. You can click on either ‘good mood’ button or ‘bad mood’ button and even leave a comment, maybe explaining your mood. There is a mood-o-meter which shows the average mood so far.

Currently, the project is in it’s infant stage. There are many things missing, but we are working on them. Just to give you an idea, there will be user registration, personal and overall statistics, RSS feeds, blogging tools, etc.

If find beGucho interesting and want to follow updates and developments, there is a beGucho blog, with an RSS feed, of course.

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