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For years I’ve been complaining about the web design situation in Cyprus.  Most web design companies here suck.  And most of the websites that they do suck even more.  Once in a while, though, I’d mention this or that website that was standing out.  Finally, I can mention a web design company that stands out and that makes websites that stand out too – Sideshow.

Yes, like every other company, they have their problems (front page of their website doesn’t validate clean) and they don’t do everything the way I would have done it (they are using Vimeo for videos, not YouTube), but I am still impressed with their work.  They use Drupal CMS extensively.  They truly know what social media is about, with Facebook and Twitter integrations and team tweets, their own blog, RSS feeds, and more.  Their design work is fresh and modern.  And their portfolio is shining.  Remember, when I was praising the new Cyprus Mail website? That’s the company who did it.  They even print their business cards with Moo, what more can I say?

I’m so glad I found them.  I have people left and right asking me where to go for a new website, and until now I have been very reluctant to refer them to any of the webdesign companies I know.  But now I have a proper reference.  And even though I haven’t worked with them personally, I think I am in the position to judge their work.  And as I said, I am impressed.  Respect!

P.S.: no, this is not a paid ad.  I truly am glad and impressed.

P.P.S.: if you are a web designer or web developer in Cyprus, they are hiring.  If there is one web company to work for in Cyprus, that’s this one.

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  1. George,

    what are you getting at? That both links have portfolio display with thumbnails and with filters by type of project? That’s one of the most common ways to show off the portfolio. It’s been like that for years.

  2. I’m not getting at anything, I’m just pointing out that they are similar.

    Grid – same
    Font – same
    Sidebar placement – same
    Mouseover effect on portfolio items – same

    Still the best web design company I have seen so far though!
    Great job Side Show!

  3. Hi — thanks for the mention and the kind words. Really nice of you to notice and take the time to write this up. Can’t really comment on the Big Spaceship resemblance, it looks and works in a similar way but then again so do dozens of other sites. We’ve been using these types of fonts and feel since our last site that was launched years ago. However, not a bad thing being compared to them as we’re Big Spaceship fans, they do excellent work.

    Keep up the good work. Hopefully we can meet sometime, feel free to drop by for coffee when you’re in the neighborhood.

    1. Alex,

      Firstly, you are very welcome. :)

      Secondly, thanks for the invite. I am a rather rare visitor to Nicosia, but I’ll keep it in mind. If you are, on the hand, ever in Limassol, let me know and maybe we catch a coffee or something.

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