User interface changes

Here is a bit of a conversation we had today in the office:

– I hate it!

– What?

– They changed the context menu slightly in Windows 7, re-arranged a few items.

– You mean you end up clicking on a wrong menu item all the time?

– Yes.

– Like what?  “Print this page and shut down the computer”?

– Yeah, very close.

– Imagine if there really would be such a choice.  Instead of, say, “Cancel” button.

– Someone should write a virus for this.  It will be the most annoying virus ever.

One thought on “User interface changes”

  1. The final hit point of the virus should be at least 10 times confirmation window "Are you sure you want to perform this action?" with "Yes", "Cancel" options, and the 10th "Cancel" should be doing "Print this page and restart the computer" :)

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