Trying out IntenseDebate

It’s been some time now since I wanted to play around with IntenseDebate.  Something triggered an action today and now this blog’s comments are powered by IntenseDebate.  All previous comments are imported and fully synchronized, and the new comments should be working now (tweaking ahead though).  I’d appreciate if you could leave a test comment to this post just so that I could see if it is really working.  You could also tell me what you think of IntenseDebate – and that would make your comment so much better…

10 thoughts on “Trying out IntenseDebate”

  1. Looks great so far. Like the multiple login options! This comment was made using the standard form (not via any of the 3 other options).

    1. Michael,

      I have a suggestion regarding moderation by email. While this feature is extremely useful and works as it should, there is a side problem with Gmail. Every time I email someone from Gmail, Gmail automatically adds the address to my contacts. By IntenseDebate is using original comment id/key in the email address, and because of this, Gmail adds each and every moderation email address to my Contacts List. Which is synchronized to my mobile and a few other places … So it goes on and on forever.

      I suggest to change it, so that a single email address is used and the id/key of the comment is either in the subject or in the body of the email.

      Thanks once again for an otherwise awesome service and useful tool!

    1. Katerina,

      have a look at IntenseDebate FAQ list. Basically, you'll need to create an account with them (free registration), enter your site details, download the plugin and install it on your blog, and synchronize comments. After that you are good to go. The whole process is pretty straight forward.

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