Cyprus Linux User Group meeting

As you might have heard, there was yet another Cyprus Linux User Group meeting yesterday.  It was, as usual, aligned to the recent Ubuntu and upcoming Fedora releases.  This time the even took place in the new University of Cyprus campus, in Nicosia.  There were slightly more people than the last time, but I was hoping for even more.

There were three presentations and one workshop.   Theo did a traditional Ubuntu Linux presentation in Greek.  Alexandros presented, also in Greek, about Linux in Cyprus education – a very interesting one, too bad my Greek is so poor.  And then I did a presentation in English about what Linux has to offer to students and why they should get involved.  Here are the slides from my talk (Linux for Students and Linux for Students).  After the presentations, Constantinos did a workshop about Compiz and Elisa media library.  Both looked quite impressive.

After the event a few of us went to the tavern for some really awesome meze and beer.  Altogether – good fun.

P.S.: If you missed the event, keep an eye on Ubuntu Cyprus web site and forums for announcements of the next one. Hope to see you there.

3 thoughts on “Cyprus Linux User Group meeting”

  1. I think I’ll attend the next one. If not for the presentations then for the meze and beer :-D

    P.S. Guys, who handles the ??? The render seems broken both in FF and Safari. Could fix but I can’t figure out what the page was meant to look like.

  2. Maybe I would have attended if I knew about the event before you posted in Twitter that you’re on the way to it ;-)

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