StayPress – WordPress plugins for property management and booking has recently announced there new project – StayPress.  Here is a quote from the introduction:

StayPress is a collection of plugins that will turn a standard vanilla installation of WordPress or WordPress MU into a property management and bookings system. Of course when I say Property, I actually mean any bookable resource of which there is a finite availability. So the StayPress system will be able to manage property rentals, hotel room rentals, conference rooms and centres, B and B’s, training rooms, bands, etc…

There is plenty of demand for something like that.  In fact, I’ve been working on a similar project about 8 month ago. But, unfortunately, it could not have been open sourced, and it eventually collapsed under the historical baggage that it had to bring over.  So, I’m glad that StayPress is coming up to fill the void.

The main web site of StayPress is not online yet, but ClearSkys blog entry had a screenshot (above).

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  1. Custom posts defined in a very weird way which breaks all sorts of other plugins (like WPML). You can’t add custom fields (eg. for “featured” listings). Unhelpful developer. No support system, scant documentation, downloads page is inaccessible. Steer clear.

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