PHP in 2019

Here’s a nice overview of “PHP in 2019” for those who are still trying to avoid the language because of some preconceived or outdated reasons.

* PHP is actively developed with a new release each year
* Performance since the PHP 5 era has doubled, if not tripled
* There’s a extremely active eco system of frameworks, packages and platforms
* PHP has had lots of new features added to it over the past few years, and the language keeps evolving
* Tooling like static analysers has matured over the past years, and only keeps growing

And here are some of the recent features that have made it into the language:

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of new features in PHP:
* Short closures
* Null coalescing operator
* Traits
* Typed properties
* Spread operator
* JIT compiler
* Anonymous classes
* Return type declarations
* Contemporary cryptography
* Generators
* Lots more

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  1. I agree. PHP has developed nicely. It is still easy to grasp (despite some legacy mess) but allow on the other hand to develop professional web application with a low resource consumption and high level of stability :-)

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