The other day I watched “Cloverfield“. It was slightly boring, as it was supposed to be, assuming it was filmed somewhat amateurish. It was a bit tiring on the eyes as well. The “Blair Witch Project” kind of tiring. It had some suspense in it, and even some special effects, but it was missing something. I can’t put my finger on it just yet…

Overall, it was pretty good. If you decide to watch it, I’d recommend to get it on DVD or something and watch it on smaller screen (TV/computer). It really doesn’t need all the size of the cinema screen. And it won’t tire your eyes as much.

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  1. I guess we’ve seen it at the same day..just at a different country :P Well I liked the movie and yeah sometimes it was supposed to be boring because sometimes people are doing boring stuff. There’s nobody to document it though. Indeed it was somehow tiring for the eyes and I’ve been told that some people threw up while watching it. If you get dizzy easily you should avoid it. I kept saying the same thing to my friends. It’s the ‘Blair Witch Project” Vs “Godzilla”. I gave it an 8 on imdb since I couldn’t put 7.5 :P

  2. Marios,

    here is a quote from the trivia page for this movie at IMDB:

    During the first weekend of the release, many theaters posted signs warning guests that the hand held camera movements may cause motion sickness.

    I guess some people are upset easier than others.

    Oh, and since you saw this film, here is a question for you: in the last scene, when the girl was crying, there was a brief moment with only a part of her face in the shot, and she had the running nose from the crying and all… did you notice it? Did you think that it was a tribute sort of things to “Blair Witch Project”?

    I thought it was. The moment from the Blair is pretty popular in all parodies (“Scary Movie” and a few others). But neither trivia, nor movie connections page confirm it.

  3. I guess it was somehow raising the bar..People will no longer talking about BWP but instead talking about Cloverfield. I got somehow the same feeling when I saw the film. You should also check something else on the last scene. There is an object falling from the sky into the sea. It’s pretty weird and probably intentional. Just search on youtube for “cloverfield satellite”. No really clear shots there but you do see something falling into the sea.

  4. Marios,

    I personally think that “Blair Witch Project” was better. It was original (at least I haven’t seen anything similar at that time), and it was really scary, which was actually the point, and which so many other horror/thriller movies don’t achieve at all. Also, it had quite a few visual goodies (camera/film/light sort of things).

    “Cloverfield” was pretty good, but to me it was a “follower”, rather than a “leader”.

    P.S.: of course, I understand that it’s not very sensible comparing the two movies at all, since they are in different genre and are set a quite a few years apart and all. But still … :)

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