Getting rid of my hardware museum

In the pre-Christmas cleanup craze, I cleaned out the bigger part of my in-house computer history museum.   In cold blood, I threw away about 40 kilograms of computer hardware.  Among that were a few kilometers of network wires, all sorts of power and signal cables, power supplies, video cards, sound cards, network cards, keyboards, and more.  There were some really ancient things that no long work, like a 80386 laptop and a 9600 baud speed fax-modem with built-in printer and scanner.

But. I haven’t got rid of everything.  There are a few things which I could throw out just yet.  Such as motherboard with 80486 processor and 16 MBytes of memory.  I think it’s brand new or so.  It is still packed in anti-static envelope.  Also, there are a few cables that I have a suspicion that I might need one day.  Don’t ask…

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