Coffee shop code of conduct

I found this image in Web Workers Daily post and I think it’s brilliant. More and more people are spending their time in coffee shops using laptops and other devices. Too many of them have no idea that they are surrounded by people. Hopefully, at least some of them will see this infographic and, perhaps, think for a moment.

6 thoughts on “Coffee shop code of conduct”

  1. Actually I was at a coffee shop the other day and I did everything this infographic says! I even wrote an (almost positive) review for the coffee shop.

  2. Well I posted a lot about coffee shops in Cyprus.

    First of all, I find it ridiculous for a couple to spend 20-25 euro for coffee.

    Then lots of coffee shops have loud music. “Hey can I have some ecstasy pills with my coffee please, so I can enjoy the trance music I am listening to”.

    And last, the majority of people that go to coffee shops go there for showing off (most popular sport here in Cyprus). Showing off can be done with the use of clothes, expensive mobile phones and talking loud to the phone (number 4 of the infographics) to impress people.

  3. Well exactly. People should go out for a reason.
    – Let’s go out to drink beer.
    – Let’s go out to dance.
    – Let’s go out to eat.
    – Let’s go out to gamble.

    But what about coffee shops? Let’s go out to chat?!?! You can do that in your house without wasting money.

    Do you know where the central Starbucks is in Nicosia? Well I know that a company rented a floor in the same building for 7.500 euro! Imagine how much Starbucks is paying for rent.
    Anyway…enough said. Let’s time you are in Nicosia I will buy you a beer in platos.

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