Day in brief

  • I favorited a YouTube video — Introducing Nexus S #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Google Goggles Experiment Video #
  • I am in a very weird coding mode for the last couple of days. Haven't produced much value, but tried quite a few things. Still good. #
  • Changed Gmail theme from Desk to Zoozimps. It's like somebody else's mailbox now. Weird, but fun. #
  • Humor for Grammar Whizzes #
  • Dear @google, please don't assume the language by location. Give an obvious choice at least. It's 21st century and ppl move around a lot. #
  • Spent most of the day improving performance of the system. Had a few breakthroughs. Way better now. #
  • If you want a really simple IDE for Linux and absolutely against of learning Vim, then try Geany. It looks pretty nice. Simple,fast,helpful. #

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