LiveJournal privacy warning

If you are browsing LiveJournal being logged in to your account, be warned – there is a way for LiveJournal users to see who read their posts.  This functionality is currently available only to Russian users (yes, related to recent SUP acquisition of LiveJournal) and is provided via service.

There seems to be no way to opt out of being seen by post authors, other than using a separate account or browsing LiveJournal anonymously.  Both of these ways have their limitations though (access, comments, friends, etc).

4 thoughts on “LiveJournal privacy warning”

  1. > If you are browsing LiveJournal being logged in to your account
    It’s a problem on :)

    Сервис авторизации недоступен. Пожалуйста, повторите попытку через некоторое время.

    IMHO it’s utopia that there is a privacy in the Internet. Even in the real life we don’t have 100% of privacy :)

  2. Lenia, probably I didn’t get it right…
    What’s the problem to be registered/identified (under your LJ username) in somebody’s blog statistics. Are you a spy?
    And who cares of those statistics except the blogs authors (and not all of them, in fact)?

  3. Lana,

    the problem is with private information being disclosed without user’s consent.

    Regarding “who cares?” – there are plenty of people who do. In some countries (China, Turkey, some Arab countries), just accessing certain kinds of information will get you in a lot of troubles… And, of course, we can’t forget about the paranoid part of our population. It’s bigger than you may imagine. :)

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