Web worker

Am I a web worker? Yes, I am.

I had this tab open in my browser for nearly a month now. I wanted to blog about web working, but there weren’t just enough words in my head.

How do I understand the “web worker” position? I don’t. Who are web workers? I don’t know. Is there any similar term or title that they can be called? Not that I know of. But what I know for sure is that I am one of them. And it made all the sense the moment I read the title of that post. This is one of the terms that I don’t like that much, but which describes the nature of things so well, that I can live with it.

I work on the Web. I work with the Web. I believe in the Web. I have lots of fun with the Web. I can’t live without the Web. I am addicted to it and I make money on it too. And those two are independent of each other and of everything else. And that what makes me a web worker.

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  1. Hehe… “code monkey” is cool too, but it’s rather generic term for programming/coding direction. “web worker” is more towards the web and online technologies, which describe what I am doing right now better.

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