OneAll Social Plugin for WordPress

OneAll Social Plugin for WordPress

In addition to the usual suspects of Facebook and Twitter, this one seems to also support GitHub, LiveJournal,, LinkedIn, and a few others.

My LiveJournal is no more

This is just a quick update to let all of you know that I deleted my LiveJournal account.  It’s been a long while since I used it.  I didn’t see any value in it anymore. And it was getting so much spam that I decided to get rid of it altogether.  All entries in my journal were deleted, while all community posts and comments that I made are still there.  From now on, if I ever want to comment on someone’s LiveJournal entry, I’ll use my Twitter or Facebook or WordPress or Google credentials.

Hopefully, this will give me a little more time to update my blog, Twitter, Google+, and whatever else I will meet on the way. Thank you for understanding.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Destroying LiveJournal

Back in December of the last year, when the Russian company SUP bought LiveJournal, I wrote this post, in which, among other things, I said that it wasn’t a very good thing for LiveJournal.  A few things happened since then, which confirmed my worries.  But the biggest of them is unfolding right now.

SUP removed basic (free) accounts from the registration form.  They have also introduced plenty of annoying advertising to existing free accounts.  Lots and lots of people got really annoyed with that.  In fact, there even was a boycott with some users not updating their diaries for 24 hours, while others going as far as deleting their diaries (no worries yet, since there is a way to restore the diary).

If you missed this whole story, here is a CNews article in English and here is a article in Russian which cover the basic story.  For more, check numerous posts on the blogosphere.

Most of the people I know, saw it coming.  And this is surely not the last incident in this story.