19 inch from PrimeTel

No, no, you aren’t getting screwed.  Quite on the contrary!  I got an SMS from PrimeTel today with their special offer.  Here is the text of the message:

Free 19″ LCD TV.  Get 2 of your friends to become PrimeTel subscribers and the 19″ LCD TV is yours.  Call 133. Learn more www.primehome.com/offers

I know that you know that I’m biased towards PrimeTel, being an ex-employee and having a friends over there.  But I still have to say that this is a pretty neat offer.  I saw that 19″ LCD TV (remember that LCD means flat), and I wish I had any friends who aren’t PrimeTel subscribers… I have a much bigger CRT TV, and would swap it any day for a smaller LCD, that I could use as a monitor for my laptop too.

Too bad I’m out of non-PrimeTel friends right now, but you.. you got get the TV!

12 thoughts on “19 inch from PrimeTel”

  1. Andrey,

    no, not him… It’s much cheaper to buy the whole company of PrimeTel with all its special offers, international connections, equipment, and souls of all people working in there… :)

  2. Sure … that is is such a great Deal.. just like their “Pay off the Screen in 12 Months” deal (But you have to have the full amount upfront, and they only accept credit cards) If I had the full amount, why the hell would I Want to pay it off?, or their “pay online” and get ripped off, with horrendous extra charges, and have a facility where they refuse your payments based on some retarded criteria, then cut you off because it was not payed. Yeah sign me up again … I Love been screwed by primtel ….

  3. Cyberdog,

    I don’t get it. What’s so bad about an offer of free TV or bringing in 2 subscribers? You aren’t forcing anyone into anything after all. People decide for themselves. If they go for it, why wouldn’t you get something for referring them? It’s a standard commission base, that is utilized by so many businesses around the world…

  4. The Dishonesty in their current service is what is so bad about referencing more users. I feel like I am part of the dishonesty by referring them to trusting friends. Primetel is dishonest when they put these underhand deals coated with honey with so much underlying baggage, which they are not even honest enough to put in their adverts. And when I inquired about it over the phone, the attitude of them towards me was appalling, The conversation went:

    me: So Why is it that in the advert you have sent out, there is nothing mentioned about credit cards or cash upfront.
    Help desk: Well it does not need to be there, as I am telling you about it now.

    To me that is complete dishonesty in the advert, and to be treated with so much contempt for a service that I have to pay for is unacceptable.

    So before I will even consider trying to refer people I would like to hear from someone who has actually received one of these T.V’s. After I get referrals locked into a Long contract, I Do not have a leg to stand on if I do not receive the T.V, Much as the helplessness I feel currently from the treatment I have received so far.

  5. Cyberdog,

    Oh, well… For me it’s much simpler. I’m satisfied with the service. If I could find two people who aren’t their clients already, I’d refer them both. But it appears so that most of my friends already have a PrimeTel subscription.

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