I almost laughed my belly out now watching “EuroTrip“. This is a very excellent comedy and I strongly recommend you watch it. A bunch of American students travelling through Europe mostly without money and documents sounds funny already.

Events take place in many locations through Europe and each one has its own fun to offer. Football hooligans in London, crowd entertainment in Paris, “exotic love houses” in Amsterdam, cheap stuff in Bratislava, etc.

There was an interesting choice (and usage I must say) of cast. Main characters are mostly very unknown, except for, maybe, Michelle Trachtenberg. Supporting roles and cameos are amazing though. Matt Damon, almost unrecognizable as a punk rock singer, Vinnie Jones as a leader of the football hooligans gang, Lucy Lawless as a prostitute, Rade Serbedzija, Diedrich Bader, Jeffrey Tambor, and others.

8 out of 10. Note that this film is rated R, which is the only way to make realistic movies about students. Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll is all its about.

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