Watched “Spaceballs” on DVD. It is old (from 1987), but it is as good as new. And I don’t know how I managed to miss it until now, because everyone is talking about it and it’s like classics.

The movie is pretty funny. It spoofs about 20 movie or so. “Star Wars”, “Alien”, “2001: A Space Oddysey”, “Star Trek” – they are all there. Directed by Mel Brooks, same guy who brought us “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and a bunch of other good comedies, with great cast, excellent costumes and decorations, as well as soundtrack, this movie is a really must see.

My favourite places were the “jammed radar” and the Rambo-like shooting by the princess. But the rest of the movie was pretty cool too. I’d rate is as a 8 out of 10. Either they don’t make movies like this anymore, or I cannot find them.

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