Web worker’s Halloween

Web Worker Daily is as good as ever.  Here are a couple of quotes from their mandatory Halloween post:

 There seems to be a pretty good correlation between those of us who work on the web and those of us who accumulate things that beep, buzz, light up, transmit, and receive.


Take a walk through your house at dusk and look at all the digital time and temperature and channel displays, all the pretty LED lights, all the remote controls listening for your commands, all the wall chargers humming away, all the instant-on appliances: those are all standby power users. Depending on who you believe, they’re responsible for somewhere between 3% and 20% of your electricity bill (and a corresponding percentage of your contribution to global warming, strip-mining, and other energy consumption-related ills).

They are always on the subject, always nicely written, and often with seasonal feeling to it.  There are few online resources that I read more often…

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