Michael Winslow : Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

If you are not a teenager or a pensioner, you should remember a rather successful comedy “Police Academy“. It was so good they made 6 sequels. It was about a bunch of cadets going through the training in the police academy. One of the cadets, played by Michael Winslow – cadet Larwell Jones – had an interesting talent. He could make all sorts of sounds – police car sirens, gun shots, TV noises, and so on and so forth.

Back then only a few people knew that Michael Winslow does indeed have such a talent. He is now known as a man of 10,000 sound effects. And I must say that with years, his skill only grew and improved. There are quite a few videos of him on YouTube, but this one in particular will amaze you, I promise. He is doing a cover on the Led Zeppelin’s song Whole Lotta Love.


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