Question for the English speaking crowd

What is the English word for the piece of carton, wood or plastic which is placed on the table under the cup? Usually, it is used in place of a saucer for large tea or coffee mugs. I’ve spent the last few minutes searching for it, but none of the online dictionaries helped. I also went through quite a lot of tableware, glassware, dishware, and other-ware, but hit a dead end in every direction.

If you know what I am talking about, please leave a comment. Thank you.

Update: the word is “coaster“, or “cup coaster“. Thanks, ma.

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  1. If it is made from a perishible material and designed to be thrown away after use, card or paper for example, we would call it a “mat”

    If its a typical wooden, plastic leather etc like you have for your coffee at home, then we would call it a coaster

    easy cheesy

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