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Every morning I drive Maxim to school.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, after I drop him off, I go the gym.  Our office hours start at 10:00am, so I have enough time to come back from the gym, have a shower, change clothes, and have some breakfast – I don’t have to head to the office straight after the exercise.   This is a routine by now.

The other day, I had an amusing thought of how it might look from our neighbors’ point of view.  Imagine someone who has his morning coffee and smoke outside on the balcony, looking at people passing by.  Here comes a dad with his kid.  The kid is walking around, looking at things, not very much eager to get into the car.  The kid is nicely dressed and wearing a school bag.  They get into the car and drive away.

One our later, the same car comes back and parks.  The kid is gone – there is only a dad.  But he changed a lot in this last hour.  He looks exhausted.  He is all sweaty wet.  He slowly walks back home.  What happened?

Of course, you know that the guy went to the gym.  But the neighbor doesn’t.  What might he think?  What might I think, if I was in his place?  The first answer to that question that popped up in my head – the kid didn’t want to go to school and was resisting, fighting it.  It took this dad a whole hour to stuff the little one into school.  And it was a fight of the century!

Every time now I come back from the gym and walk back to the apartment, I look around.  If I can spot any neighbors, I get this huge smile on my face.  And an expression “It’s not what you think it is”…

11 thoughts on “Another point of view”

  1. I have a similar thought of what neighbors think seeing me messing with my strange “contraptions” – DIY WiFi antennas – on my apartment’s balcony!
    I got very strange stares/looks while I was trying to aim a cantenna a few weeks ago.
    To my senior neighbors it might have looked as if I was trying to spy on them or even worst installing some kind of a rocket launcher!
    Cheers from Athens/Greece!

  2. I had a similar fun several years ago, when I switched from taekwondo to boxing. My boxing skills were too weak because of taekwondo, which is mostly oriented on legs, so I have to improve my boxing technics. I was working as a pianist at Four Seasons hotel, working 4 hours and having 15 minutes break in each hour. Every break I was going to the toilet to the special cabin for handicapped people (it was really big and wide) and was doing several boxing drills. I wonder, what people were thinking…pianist was going to WC each break, coming out in 15(!!!) minutes, red faced and nearly sweating ;-)

  3. “Now, seriously, what were you doing in there?”
    Jab – cross, jab – hook, jab – cross – hook – app, hook – cross, hook – overhead, left hook – right hook and so on… ;-)

  4. Looks like certain toilet randomiser with 5 given variations and its combinations…Damn, I better go off-line otherwise I gona start seeing 0’s, 1’s and 2 at the end! :D

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