A List Apart : Results of The Web Design Survey 2007

A List Apart, one of the most famous resources for web workers in general, and web designers in particular, has published the findings of its recent Web Design Survey.  More than 30,000 people from all over the world responded, which resulted in a lot of data.  The smart thing that A List Apart did was to hire a professional to analyze all that data.   The results are outstanding – 82 pages of stats, comments, and graphs in a single PDF file.

Some numbers were surprising, others – expected.  Overall, it’s a pretty good picture of the web industry.  I’m sure it will be used as a reference in many studies to come.  Also, the anonymized raw results of the survey are freely available for anyone who wants to dig through them.

P.S.:  Recently I twittered that I don’t have much trust into web professionals, who don’t have their own web site or blog.  It turns out that this more than 70% of survey respondents do have a blog or web site.  Why am I not surprised to find this number in A List Apart survey?

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