Minor usability improvements

I have made minor changes in the templates and skins used for this site. From now on, ‘Add comment’ or ‘X comments’ links will take you directly to the comments posted after the article. There is a new linked marked as ‘Permanent link’ which will take you to the page with full article (as ‘Add comment’ used to before). This change should make it easier for you to navigate the site as well as provide a more standard interface. ‘Permanent link’ is something you can find on many sites and many people are used to it too.

I have also removed the ‘Mail to a friend’ link, since it wasn’t working and I wasn’t going to make it work anyway. Spammers can now focus on some other site for their attempts. Thank you for your attention though.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to improve the site. (It doesn’t mean that I will do it, though. But I will at least know.)

3 thoughts on “Minor usability improvements”

  1. All these improovements are really nice, but most of the time I want to see something like "Last comment by …". This happens when I read an article, then I post a comment and come back in some time. I just want to see if there were any reply after my comment without having to go inside the post all the time.

    One may say that I can use comments count to see if any changes were done there, but sometimes it is hard to remember how many comments were there last time in order to calculate any changes :)

  2. [1] What he said – especially the 2nd paragraph!! I also always seem to forget that I’ve actually made a comment for at least a few days after I’ve made it.

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