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I have just started a new blog. Yes, you’ve heard me right – more blogging, different place.

I’m working with all flavors of WordPress a lot lately. I am doing a lot of development. I am discovering a lot of new things. So, I thought, why not have a blog about my exploration and customization of this excellent platform. And since it’s all going to be all about WordPress, why not use WordPress.com hosted blog for this. And so I did.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome WordPress bits.

7 thoughts on “WordPress bits”

  1. Why not simply make a WordPress category? ;-)

    Some people have personal blogs, professional blogs, blogs where they write about their travels, blogs where thyey write about them being at home… all at the same time:)

    Err, I don’t mean this is the case now… but still:)

    Cheers, my $0.02:)

    PS Now heading to wpbits.wordpress.com to read about widgets ;-)

  2. Hi Michel,

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

    Well, I like things narrow. When there is plenty of stuff on the same blog, it makes it hard to experiment with new forms and styles, it makes it harder for non-technical people to follow (how to exclude that WP category?), and it makes search useless (is “Paris” a city or a person?).

    Also, I felt that having WordPress blog on WordPress.com was the right thing to do – easier to promote, more comments (hopefully), etc.

  3. You have a point, I admit:)

    As to the comments and promotion, I don’t know…

    I think “content is king” and sooner or later, if you make great content, you’ll have your blog popular, no matter where it’s hosted:)

    I saw your name somewhere at the WordPress TRAC blog, and sure remembered “He’s the guy who explained why he likes to wear old clothes at home” so just dropped by to see how things go on here :)

    (and sure I like to wear old clothes at home, too)


    Good luck :)

  4. You have a point, I agree:)

    But I also believe “Content is King” and if you create great content, sooner or later it’ll be noticed, and then you’ll be famous, no matter where your bllog is hosted – at wordpress.com or elsewhere:)

    Good luck:)

    PS Sure I dropped by – I saw your name at the WordPress TRAC blog and then remembered you’re the guy who like to wear at home old clothes (I like the same thing, too, btw) …and then visted your domain again


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