Daily tweets

  • Today is Maxim’s first graduation party. Toddler class, kindergarden. #
  • Toddler graduation is about the cutest thing I saw in my life. Pictures are coming shortly. #
  • TinyURL is down. All links give 500 Internal Server Error. What do we do now? #
  • @atw26: I don’t “I’m online” is an answer to “What are you doing?”. I am online 24×7, as many other people are. It’s not what I am doing. :) #
  • @atw26:what I am doing is “uploading pictures to Flickr”,”thinking that WordPress rocks”,and “reading slashdot/digg/email/twitter”… #
  • @atw26: Maybe.But the point is that “uploading pictures to Flickr” provides an option for re-action (for me to go an check them for example) #
  • by the way, I’m actually uploading pictures to Flickr right now :) #
  • I like how Gmail uses different colors for author names in conversations.Each author gets his own color.Makes picking specific replies easy. #
  • @atw26: What ARE you doing online? Except, of course, reading email… :) #
  • grep-ing through files which are on a remote FTP server isn’t the smartest thing to do. Yet I am doing it. With Midnight Commander’s help. #
  • Now that was fast! I am already getting some traffic from Google to my recently created WordPress bits blog.It’s even less than two days old #
  • Circumcision is the funniest topic ever, when it comes to web sites with plenty of geeks. http://tinyurl.com/24kqr3 #

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  1. twitter is dropping some messages so I only saw your online 24×7 comment yesterday. The 24×7 comment is hard to believe. What’s the longest you’re away for (apart from sleep time of course)?

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