What’s in the name?

Watching large businesses can often be entertaining, especially here, in Cyprus, where they seem to think that nobody outside the island will know what they do.  Fresh are the memories of Woolworths malls re-branding to Ermes, and then to Debenhams, within the same year or so.  And here comes the new story of the recently opened Tiffany Shopping Mall in Limassol.  Apparently, the name conflict was enough for an American Tiffany & Co. to start legal proceedings.  Shortly after that, Tiffany Shopping Mall was renamed to “My Mall”.

Firstly, how difficult is it to Google the name before opening the biggest store in town?  I guess, that’s asking too much.

Secondly … My Mall?  Really?  The only worse name that I can come up with is iMall.  Yes, that bad.  Even “The Mall” is better.

5 thoughts on “What’s in the name?”

  1. Leonid I had to read in the press that Tiffany Mall changed name to My Mall to realize that Tiffany Mall in Limassol is not some kind of franchise of Tiffany in USA. So I believe they did their research before choosing a name and they chose it on purpose.

    And yes, My Mall is kind of weird. “Hey, do you want to go to My Mall on Saturday?” :)

  2. Agree with Chris. Mall is a set of shops on Cyprus and Tiffany & Co is a finance company in US. As I understand the Tiffany’s Mall won’t be an international brand. But it’s hard to understand that naming collisions :) Why do not named it Kyriacos Mall or so?

  3. Michael,

    I think there were too many companies and people involved in the partnership for this mall. It’ll end up being named like “Kyriacos, Savvas, Dimitris, Panaytios, Thanasis, their sons, and the company Mall”. :)

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