Scott Adams’ public investigation into women and horses

Scott Adams once in a while asks his readers to enlighten him on this or that topic. This time around he explores women’s fascination with horses.

So what is up with women and horses?

Women generally don’t enjoy activities that involve dirt, mud, hay, flies, bad odors, and huge piles of feces. I realize I’m stereotyping here, and some of you women will write in to say how much you enjoy rolling in dung. But on average, men and women enjoy different activities.

For example, if you said to both men and women, “Why don’t you stick your head up a cow’s ass and see if you can yell MOO loudly enough so it comes out of the cow’s mouth?” most women would say no thanks while most men would wonder if it would work. To be fair, most men would eventually say no too, but a few would try it before going off to watch Jackass II on Imax.

You should read the comments to that post. They vary from funny

why do i feel so horny?

through very funny

Can people please stop posting links to porn or beastiality sites?!?!
I’m scared to click on links now – kinda ruins the whole internet experience if I can’t click on links, I can only read the homepage of my browser and then close it again!

to hilarious

that cow moo thing dosen’t work…..

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Would you like to be your own uncle?

As much as I on the “as long as everyone is happy” side, I have to admit that I felt very weird after reading “Grandmother gives birth to her grandson” at Blogging Baby. The science is cool and all, but this is playing on the border of what should and shouldn’t be done.

What do you think? Would you let your mother be a mother of your child? How about your spouse’s mother? Would you volunteer to be a mother of your grandchild? I’m not even sure about the linguistics of these questions…


I love sushi.

I’ve been eating some once in a while for a long time now, but I really grew into it only about this year. Now I am always in a mood for sushi. And it drives me crazy… All the time. When it gets totally unbearable, I visit or order from one of the Japanese spots.

I think I’ll eat some today. Because I just can’t stand without sushi anymore. Especially after this digg post, which links to the Sushi Etiquette. There’s a funny sushi etiquette video in the comments too. Which, of course, reminded me of another funny video (about Japanese restaraunts). Which, in turn, reminded me of the Budweiser Wasabi commercial.

And then I found myself at Sushi page on Wikipedia. And then I got reminded of Russian style sushi (it’s in Russian, but there are pictures).

I’m definetely eating some sushi tonight!