I love sushi.

I’ve been eating some once in a while for a long time now, but I really grew into it only about this year. Now I am always in a mood for sushi. And it drives me crazy… All the time. When it gets totally unbearable, I visit or order from one of the Japanese spots.

I think I’ll eat some today. Because I just can’t stand without sushi anymore. Especially after this digg post, which links to the Sushi Etiquette. There’s a funny sushi etiquette video in the comments too. Which, of course, reminded me of another funny video (about Japanese restaraunts). Which, in turn, reminded me of the Budweiser Wasabi commercial.

And then I found myself at Sushi page on Wikipedia. And then I got reminded of Russian style sushi (it’s in Russian, but there are pictures).

I’m definetely eating some sushi tonight!

3 thoughts on “Sushi”

  1. Chris,

    Yesterday I ordered some sushi home. I got it from Zen Room, which is the place next to Chesters Bar. You can get delivery via Waiters on Wheels.

    Zen Room’s sushi is rather average, but their sushimi is excellent.

    Eating sushi out – “Sushi” restaurant is the closest to my place. It’s exactly on the Makariou round about. There are two restaurants neighboring – one Chinese, one Japanese. The Chinese one is not that good, but Japanese one is very cool. It’s a nice little place, in style, with good service, and reasonable prices. Not like that really overpriced “Tokyo” thing. :)

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