Working like a dog

For the last couple of years my working schedule has been pretty much stable. It was sporadic and random in a sense that I was working a lot of night shifts that I had to compensate with a lot of weekends shifts, while managing to screw in some regular office hours, but it was stable. I was getting from one week to another with five nine hour periods on average. Sometimes I was getting a bit more, sometimes – slightly less.

Today and yesterday are different though. I finished yesterday’s night shift at 7:00am and went home. I had a light breakfast and went to bed. Two hours later I woke up and went back to the office for an important meeting. The meeting was supposed to take two hours, but it continued for three and a half instead. When it finished I had a choice of either going home and getting more sleep before my tonight’s night shift or staying in the office and registering for one regular office hours day. With almost four hours of the full working day behind my back already, I decided to stay and work.

About five hours later I released myself and went home to get some rest. I was exhausted already, but couldn’t sleep well for some reason. My mind was working on something without letting me know what it actually was. I’ll find out eventually. Anyway, four hours passed and I went back to the office for the night shift. And here I am.

Calculations for the HR office: for the period between Thursday, September 29th 23:00 and Saturday 1st 8:00 (the total of 33 hours) I am registered for 3 working shifts 9 hours each (the total of 27 hours). Not bad, eh…

4 thoughts on “Working like a dog”

  1. Damn, your body is a machine! Same is your mind. Two blog entries in the first 3 hours of the first day of October! Outperforming yourself aren’t you? Super duper blogger.

    BTW just installed wordpress too and launched a beta blog: Not a final version obviously, but that’s a start.

  2. Yeah, well, I am surprising myself. Not only I am alive, but I’m kicking too. I am migrating Thunderworx RT to a different server, while playing around with a bunch of plugins for WordPress and fixing up my website. The announcement of the new stuff will come out shortly. :)

    BTW, thanks for the link to your blog. I’ve added it to my RSS feeds. :)

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