7 month

It’s 23rd once again and that can only mean one thing – Maxim is one month older. He is 7 month old today.

There aren’t that many new skills that he had learned during this month. He was mostly busy with improving his old ones.

He can stand up all by himself now, holding onto something. Often Olga or I would find him standing in his bed when we come to pick him up in the morning. He also likes to stand up near the couch where he feels more confident doing so, because of either Olga’s or mine presence. Maxim is also experimenting with other places – he doesn’t know yet what will hold and help him and won’t.

With all these standing up, he got a lot of chances to improve on his falling skills. He’s not falling straight down onto his face anymore. Or at least not that often. He falls either on one of his sides and uses hands to prevent injuries, or he chooses to land on his butt.

One of those few new skills that he had learned this month is taking and holding the spoon. He can also put it properly into his mouth. Interesting to note that he recognizes all spoons, not only the baby spoons that we use to feed him. Of course, we don’t yet count on him feeding himself.

As his birthday present, we starred Maxim in the movie. I borrowed the camera from Vladimir again and we documented all Maxim’s s new skills and some of the old ones. We also filmed him while swimming in the sea and taking a bath.

On to the next one…

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  1. Thanks.

    We will film some more, than give camera back to Vladimir, than wait until he will convert data into a format suitable for the Web, than I will copy it off him and upload to my server. Than you’ll be able to download and watch it. :)

    I’ll post a short notice when it will be available for download.

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