Corona Extra

Corona Extra

Vladimir and his mother, Olga, Maxim, and I – we all went to Protaras today. The plan was to get to The Magic Dancing Water show, which we all have heard so much good about. Unfortunately, they were fully booked or sold out and we didn’t get in.

We quickly retreated to the nearby Mexican restaurant for some food and drinks. It looked pretty good from the outside and has nice service inside, but the food was somewhat average and overpriced. Still, we managed to have some good time with talking and laughing.

As for The Magic Dancing Water show, we’ll probably try our luck next week.

5 thoughts on “Corona Extra”

  1. Unfortunately, they were fully booked or sold out and we didn’t get in.

    Sorry, man, I really feel guilty now :(
    Strange, I’ve been there 3 times, each time we were coming LAST minute, we never made reservations and all the times we managed 2 get the best seats…Probably it’s a combination of Saturday + all Cyprus is on holidays + highest season

  2. Hi Leonid,

    I see the Cyprus Mail newspaper mentions a survey dealing with the large numbers of Russian ladies marrying Cypriots. They refer to them as ‘ice queens’. What they on about. Nothing icy about Russian ladies.

    Also, I see four British guys charged with murdering a Cypriot motorcyclist. I am sure they must have been provoked in the disco in Protaras.

    Always something happening in Cyprus. Cheers Malcolm

  3. Hi Malcolm,

    thanks for stopping by.

    “Ice qeens”… Well, it’s hard to explain what they mean. I don’t know. The lack of smiles, sadness, something…

    Abot the British guys – provoked or not, a killing is still a killing. But, I guess it had something to do either with alcohol or drugs or something. Disco area and all…

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