The IT Crowd – geek comedy show

I am starting to fall for television. First there was (and still is, by the way) Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show. And now this – The IT Crowd, new comedy show on Channel 4… Boy, am I waiting for those times when my TV will be able to connect to souces like this, no matter where I live. I’m willing to pay for this today. In three years I’ll be desperate.

Anyway, I managed to see one of the episodes, thanks to a certain someone. It’s hilarious. It’s as funny as I could imagine, and even a bit more so. By the way, all episodes are online, it’s just they are for UK audience only. If you know how to become a UK audience – there’s all you need.

And let me tell you something – don’t let the name of the show stop you from watching it. There’s not that much of IT in it anyway. At least not in the episode that I’ve watched. It’s more of an office humor. If you’ve spent more than half an hour in any corporate or startup office recently – you’ll dig all the humor in the show.

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