Interview with did a podcast interview with me (mp3 file, 15:20 long, 14 MBytes). It was fun to do. The questions are in Greek, but I was provided with the translation, so my answers are in English. In case you don’t understand the Greek part, here are the translations of the questions that I used for my answers:

  • A few words about yourself and your blogging past.
  • Leonid, Greek bloggers saw you first time at Ios. How did you hear about the GBC and how did you find it?
  • About WordPress Bits: lots of us were struck that a new blog gets into the wordpress dashboard immediately. What’s the deal? Is this a special arrangement with Automattic?
  • Judging from people’s comments so far, has it been accepted well? To the best of your knowledge, how many Greeks (Greek Cypriots included) follow Wordpres bits.
  • How did you came up with the idea of WP Bits? Is your professional experience that has contributed to it, or just pure amateur’s love?
  • Give us a picture of the blogospere is Cyprus. Are there aggregators that concentrate on the Cypriot blogospere?
  • Anything you might want to add.

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