New time yet again

Daylight saving time (DST) often catches me by surprise.  Today it happenned again.

And not only I was completely unaware of the time change, but I was also refusing to accept the fact of the new time.  I looked at Olga’s desktop and saw the time being one hour ahead of what I cosidered correct.  This happens somtimes, because Maxim likes to play with the mouse, clicking and dragging everywhere, causing the change in displayed timezone.  I then checked my watch and the time was correct.  The fact that my watch doesn’t have the ‘automatically adjust to summertime’ functionality didn’t bother me.  I then continued with the check – my mobile.  My mobile has the automagic feature, but I switched it off on purpose.  So the check was useless.

And even when outside and people were telling me to adjust my watch, I was arguing that they should do so themselves, because DST change always happens on Sunday.  Hello?  Anybody home?  Today is Sunday!  I guess I should sleep more often…

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