Relaxing blogging policy

It’s been long two years since I’ve started blogging seriously. In March of 2004 I decided that I should write at least one post a day – every day of week, holiday or not. Or at least I should think of (write mentally) at least one blog item a day and then post it whenever I have the time.

For the last two years, there weren’t a day that I don’t have a post for. On the contrary, there are many more days when I thought of multiple posts, than days when I wrote just one time.

My blogging went through a lot of evolution in this last two years. I started with simple posts – just a couple of sentences or a link to some interesting website. There was no theme or direction in most of my early posts. I was just writing about everything and anything.

With time, writing posts became much easier for me. I could go on and on for paragraphs and paragraphs. My blogging interests started to shape.

Looking at my recent posts, I started noticing several major trends in interests. These deserved attention and separation. Thus my blogging network started to expand.

Now I feel comfortable with everything I’ve done. And I think that the time came to make my life a little bit easier. My policy ‘at least one post each day’ needs a change. From now it won’t be limited by this blog alone. I will still be writing at least one post a day, but this post might be for any one of my blogs – here, my parenting blog, Cyprus Scout, Filmocular, My Pod Voice, my LiveJournal blog, XA-XA-XA, or any other blog that I might start/join in the future. I will try to keep them all equally updated, but as you can understand – that’s quite a job. So, if you’d notice that this or that blog lags behind, don’t get too grampy – I am trying my best.

Now… this takes care of today…

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