Giant move to Flickr

Ok, I hope I am writing this for the last time. At least for the next 10 years or so.

I am doing a huge move of my photo gallery. I got bored with trying out all pieces of software, migrating back and forward, configuring this stuff, adding features, backing up, fixing links, etc, etc, etc.

Flickr wins!

I have decided to move my complete photo collection to Flickr. Yup, you heard me right. No, I am sane and in good mind.

Flickr has everything I need from a photo gallery tool – speed, flexibility, tags, permanent links, ratings, social interactions (comments, bookmarks, groups, ratings, etc), and much more. It integrates nicely with a whole bunch of third-party software. There are many third-party services based on Flickr, such as image editing tools, backup to DVD tools, print and ship tools. And Flickr is standard de facto for photo galleries.

I don’t see any good reason NOT to migrate, so let it be. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Until the move is completely done and everything is uploaded and tagged properly, I’ll keep the local copy of the gallery. All new additions, however, will go directly to Flickr. I’ll also have some sort of sidebar applet with links to recent and random pictures. Stay tuned.

P.S.: This post pointed me towards this utility for batch uploads – very useful. Easy to use too.

P.P.S.: Years 1995 – 2002 are uploaded and somewhat tagged. The rest is coming soon.

8 thoughts on “Giant move to Flickr”

  1. I’d been thinking about Flickr, having seen it in other people’s blogs, but your post finally convinced me to try it. It looked great, I uploaded a few photos to try out.. but I hadn’t read the FAQ. Of course it only allows 20meg per month, and I’d been uploading the full megabyte sized photos. Oops. I quickly ran out of space. Never mind, I’ll re-size next time when they allow me to upload more! It does look good.

  2. Ooopsy. :)
    It happens. I think it happened to me too, the first time I used Flickr.

    The good thing is that they use calendar month, and not the date of your “overdraft”. That means that you’ll get another 20 MBytes of uploads in about two weeks.

    It took me about two month to decide in favour of “pro” account. The price is more than reasonable, imho. ;)

  3. Glad that post was helpful. Lately, I’ve been using jUpoadr. It has a nice GUI and a lot of features for organizing sets and tagging images (that way, it’s a one-stop job and i don’t have to log in to flickr after uploading to complete the whole thing and get my images the way I want them).

  4. daveb,

    thanks for the tip. I remember trying jUploader a long time ago, but it never worked its magic on me. Maybe it’s time to try again.

    Until recently I’ve been using Fotofox extension for Firefox which was exactly what I wanted. But after the upgrade to Firefox 3 it stopped working again …

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