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Biker on the benchOlga is still recovering, but today she felt strong enough for a little walk. It was the first time she got out of the house since I brought her back from the clinic two weeks ago. Today is a fine sunny day with a slow cool wind, so we went to Molos promenade which is close enough to our house and far enough from the road and traffic odours. Of course I made a few pictures.

It is interesting how I never saw a man laying on the bench in Cyprus. In Russia it is a pretty common sight, but I never saw one here. During the last couple of month I had this picture in my head – an old poor guy laying on the bench by the sea. The picture was supposed to be in black and white. There shouldn’t be anything else in it. Just the sea, the bench and the guy. It seems very simple. But it surely needs staging since one can’t just find it in this country. With all the baby rush I forgot about the idea, but today, when we went out, I was reminded. Someone is watching me…

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