Migration to Flickr – done

Those of you who know me even a little bit, know how bad I am at finishing things. I get excited easily, and usually jump at the task straight away. But if it takes more than four seconds to complete, I often get stalled. And the task never gets finished. At least by me.

So, on those rare occasions when I do actually accomplish something, no matter how important, I celebrate. And today I’m celebrating. Not only I have finished something, but I have completed a large project, which took me several month to do.

I have uploaded all of my photographs to Flickr. I’ve decided to do so back in March – read “Giant move to Flickr” post for more a reminder.

Flickr stats

It would have taken me much less effort and time, if it wasn’t for Flickr’s 2 GBytes per month upload limit. But I managed to finish it anyway. 9,998 images altogether, including everything from Olga’s pictures in Cyprus and Egypt back in 1995 to most recently shot ones. Most of the images are tagged and organized into sets (Flickr slang for albums). Many are also geotagged.

Also, note that the link to the gallery in the menu at the top of the page has been replaced with the link to my Flickr photostream. Feel free to jump in, add comments and notes and tags, mark as favourite, etc, etc, etc. By the way, if you are a registered Flickr user and I have you in my contacts marked as Friend and/or Family, you can see more images than the general public. (hint hint hint)

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