Spellchecking with Google

Yes, I do that a lot. Longer texts I check with GMail‘s checker. I just hit “Compose Mail”, copy and paste text into email, then do “Check spelling”, and then copy and paste the text back and “Discard” the message. Works fine for me.

I’ll be using this method until Firefox 2, with built-in spell checker, will be a part of Fedora Linux distribution.

2 thoughts on “Spellchecking with Google”

  1. Sergey,

    First of all, 99% of my writing happens within a browser. So why would I need yet another application running just to do my spell checking?

    Secondly, I had better experience with GMail’s spellchecker than with any other that I’ve tried. And it has all the languages that I care about right out of the box.

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