The Fighting Temptations

Olga and I watched “The Fighting Temptations” on DVD. This is a pretty average musical with elements of comedy and romance.

IMDB rating: 5.1
My rating: 5.0
Celebrity highlights: Cuba Gooding Jr. and a few people from the music world.

Overall, the film is pretty typical, predictable and boring. It doesn’t have anything new on the story and there is nowhere to exploit the artistic skills of the people involved. Cuba Gooding Jr. still manages to squeeze in a few nice moments though.

One of the interesting bits was mixing all sorts of music – church music, rap, blues, R-n-B, and rock bits. I think that some really nice results can come out of the experiment. Nothing came up in the movie though. That needs more work.

Neither Olga nor I liked the ending. It was your average happy ending with the church choir that was built in six weeks, winning the major contest and a lot of money. Not only that, but they managed to pick the most boring song for the end. Everything that was before that was more or less entertaining. Bad move.

The sad thing about this movie that it was done as an average movie. There was no potential. Thought of, written, executed, casted, and promoted as an average movie an average movie it is. Skip it.

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